Day 5: Hello, Monday!

Ugh! I hate getting up at 5:30am! My body has a huge issue with that hour of the day and fights with me every morning over it. After the first half hour, though, I usually feel a lot better. It’s just the initial shock of having to interrupt decent sleep when the darkness clearly indicates otherwise. But with a nice, hot cup of coffee and a splash of water on my face, I’m usually ready for the day.

My eyes burned a lot today…nothing to do with the DSP or anything. Most likely I’m totally missing my allergy meds still. I called in the script today, but far too late in the day to get them before they close. I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to pick them up. Sigh. So life goes…

The Ultimate Omelette

Today was just really interesting. I kept forgetting to eat or wasn’t hungry. This is starting to become a pattern. I started the day with my Ultimate Omelette, which was awesome! But then I looked up at the clock and it was 1:00pm! Where did the day go? I had sat down in front of my computer, blinked and it was four hours later. The only thing I had had since breakfast was water….lots and lots of water. I’ve been drinking an average of 80 oz. per day. 😀

There’s one thing I want to mention here more for posterity than anything. I want to document something I haven’t talked about yet. I have a serious problem right now with an itchy, flaky scalp. I’ve tried everything short of seeing a dermatologist at this point. It’s strange how it has continued to worsen over the past couple of years.

I didn’t have any issues when I was in my 20’s. The flakes began to appear in my early 30’s. I asked my hairstylist about it and he recommended Nutragena T-Gel which I promptly began using. I’m not a wash-your-hair-everyday kind of girl…my hair is long and very thick. I wash it every 3-4 days most of the time. I’ve been doing it for many, many years. So, I would use the T-Gel shampoo once or twice a week. And it worked beautifully…until last year.

When we arrived in Germany I noticed right away the difference in the climate from Texas, my home state. The air is much more wet all the time. It’s very different. So, the additional flakes and the fact that the T-Gel didn’t work anymore I thought was due to an adjustment my body had to make.

It didn’t stop. I tried different shampoos. I tried giving my scalp a hot oil treatment. I started taking flaxseed oil supplements and drinking more water. Nothing worked. So it must be something else….

I haven’t noticed any change in my scalp as of today. But I’m curious as to whether maybe I’ve been damaging myself in a way that is causing the itching and the flakes with my diet.

In the past six months I’ve noticed something even more…small red bumps under my hair. A rash. That’s completely new. So, if it’s a reaction to the foods I’ve been eating, I hope that the changes I’m implementing will help to reverse this awful affliction. I’ve never paid attention to when the flare-ups happen or what could possibly trigger them. But I am now. We’ll see what happens.

Anyway…on to the rest of my day.

Later in the day, my headache came back. It really is feeling like a full-blown detox at this point. I felt rather miserable with respect to my achy head and neck. My husband and I were supposed to work out tonight, but I certainly wasn’t feeling that. I begged him to let us postpone it to tomorrow. He didn’t put up much of a fight over it.

Through the day, I actually ended up eating more carbs than protein. No starches, just veggies and a couple of fruits thrown in. I tried to eat my chicken at lunch, but started with a green salad, full of peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and my vinaigrette. By the time I started on the chicken I was too full to eat the full serving amount. So, I put the rest back in the fridge. I made a pork stir-fry for dinner with brown rice and some healthy veggies. It was delish! But, again, more carbs than protein. My protein vs. carb balance was off today. I hope it doesn’t have a negative affect on me tomorrow. I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

I’m so very tired today and need to get some more restful sleep. 😉

To a healthier, happier and longer life.


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