Day 6: What Does ‘Detox’ Feel Like?

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t really feel bad. I could feel the dull pain in the back of my head and neck. So, I knew I would be contending with that for most of the day. But my spirits were quickly lifted when I stepped on the scale – down 2 lbs! Wow! Very cool…

By the time I got downstairs, though, I was freakin’ starving!! I was practically doubled over from hunger pangs! What in the world? So, I quickly reached for a little cottage cheese cup to abate the awful feeling in my gut. It worked, thankfully, until I was able to get a proper breakfast. I have learned my lesson: no more days when I eat more carbs than protein! That does not do my body good!

But the headache had come back…full strength. I could feel I was in complete detox mode.  I kept wondering if it was from sugar, starches or alcohol or was it from my allergies? It could be any of them. Hard to pinpoint…and maybe it is because of ALL of them. All I know is I sure didn’t feel much like doing anything. But, life keeps going…

I came back from taking Aiden to school and made me a nice veggie-egg scramble for breakfast. Once I ate that my body seemed to want to ‘thank’ me. I started to feel tons better! Seriously.

The headache subsided and my energy shot up. I stayed satiated for hours and forgot to eat a snack.  I looked up and it was 1:00pm…four hours since I made my breakfast. I was actually hungry then so I made a pork steak with applesauce for lunch. It was perfect and hit the spot just right.

The rest of the day went by so fast. I had a volunteer group meeting and got home around 5:30pm. My husband wasn’t feeling much like eating a big meal so I didn’t cook. He (being the Carb Type that I suspect he is) was feeling cereal for dinner. I popped some rolls in the oven for him and some bacon-wrapped scallops in for me. He ended up eating 3 rolls and a bowl of Kashi cereal for dinner…something that I will never do again! I ate 6 scallops (wrapped in lovely bacon) along with some applesauce. Later I munched on some dry roasted cashews. Perfect!

And I still had lots of energy. I wasn’t falling out, splayed all over the couch like I normally would be in the evening hours. Usually Denny needs to coax me to exercise…he’s definitely a night owl where I am definitely not. So, when we have exercise planned, typically it’s me trying to get around it and he brings me back. But not tonight. Denny was the one who was head-bobbing in his chair before 7pm. I asked if exercise was still on the agenda, but I was met with sad puppy eyes, pleading with them to ‘have mercy.’

It’s not all his fault…he’s been having to get up extra early (against his natural rhythm) and be at work an hour earlier. He’s really not fond of early morning hours. If he had a job that required him to work into the late evening hours as opposed to the early morning, he’d be a much happier man. So, understandably, he’s been very tired when he gets home from work lately. And we didn’t get in our exercise…again.

Stevia powder is up to 300x sweeter than natural sugar and doesn't affect blood glucose levels.

I did get my Stevia in the mail, though. I made myself a couple of cups of hot tea and added the Stevia…and it was nice.  I had ordered the “intro” pack that included a bottle of Stevia and a bag of Fructevia (for baking) to get me started.  Last night after Denny brought it home, I tried a glass of ice tea (I had a small pitcher already made in the fridge) using the Stevia and only used about a third of a teaspoon. But oh my gawd, it was way too much! I couldn’t drink it and had to pour it out. That stuff is strong. So, I learned very quickly that Stevia cannot be used the same as sugar or even Splenda. So, when I made hot tea today I used a lot, lot less and it was perfect. Very nice. I think we are going to get along just fine.

And how about those 2 lbs I lost? Hehehe!

To a healthier, happier and longer life.


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