Is Raw Milk Wrong?

Is it just me, or is the FDA trying to look like they’re cracking down while actually barking up the wrong tree?

Raw milk is something Isabel De Los Rios advocates in her Diet Solution Program. She points out that many more people in the U.S. suffer from lactose intolerance along with many other dairy-related ailments than any other place in the world.

There are many studies that point out that heat pasteurization kills all of the good bacteria, along with the bad, as well as a lot of nutrients and enzymes.

I currently live in Germany where pasteurization of milk products is done universally with the UHT method, providing milk that will sit on a shelf for extended periods of time without refrigeration. But more people get their milk fresh from dairies than you might think. There are trucks that will deliver fresh milk to your home a couple of times per week. Just like in the old days.

Personally, I think that the processed food industry in our country is what should be in the cross-hairs, but it seems that these small, family-owned businesses are much easier targets.

Raw-milk cheese in Northwest, elsewhere on the FDA radar |

So, when I read this article about the FDA going all stealth on these small dairies I was amazed. I was amazed at the fact that the FDA thinks this is what we, the people/consumers of food products, want the FDA to focus on.

Again, I post the question, what is it that we, consumers of food in the U.S., want to direct our attention to in regards to overhauls of the industry? The FDA seems a little unbiased to me, attacking small businesses that specialize in small, specialty and localized foods, instead of looking at the industry giants who create “un-foods” that are cheap to produce and maintain shelf-life for eons.

To me, the biggest problem we have is the lack of monitoring, regulating on the part of the FDA, of the large manufacturing plants producing the majority of the foods Americans consume. These giants have been feeding us crap for far too long. So many additives, preservatives, artificial colors, sodium and sugar…our “food” is hardly recognizable.

It’s very hard for modern families to produce up to five meals a day (or three meals plus two snacks) that are 100% pure, unadulterated and non-processed food. And walking the grocery store aisles, it’s hard to resist the marketing ploys of the big food companies beckoning you to take the easy way out. Not to mention the convenience. Who wants (or has the time) to spend all day in the kitchen preparing fresh food?

So, FDA please, stop harassing those small people who are standing up for fresh food, trying to offer an alternative to the processed, plastic-wrapped, hardly recognizable as food choices that today’s families have. Please focus your sites elsewhere…like the creator of American cheese food products that contain things not even remotely close to dairy. Thank you.

To a healthier, happier and longer life.

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