Day 7: For the Love of Happy Meals

Today was the final day of the first week. I’m happy to announce that I’ve made it through a whole week and really haven’t felt badly at all. In fact, there were moments where I forgot that I was on a “diet” and felt more like I was “cheating” on a diet.  I stepped on the scale again today…another pound shed. That’s a total of three in seven days. Nice.

I woke up today actually feeling pretty great. I felt rested and my headaches were gone. No bloating or sluggishness. I really haven’t felt any of that since I started on this plan. That’s probably been the very best part of this whole venture.

So, today was Aiden’s evaluation at school. We had an 11:00am appointment with his teacher to discuss his “progress” to date. I wasn’t sure what to expect…I would have been worried a few weeks ago, but since we made the changes (read about Aiden’s plight here) everything’s been completely different. And I was really curious now to find out where he stands in his class.

As I had hoped, he’s perfectly in line with the rest of his class. In just two months since school has started he has learned to write his name, read some words and write most of the letters, as well as learned all of his numbers to 10. He’s right where he should be. He has adjusted nicely and is now becoming one of the “popular” kids in class…he even has a little girlfriend. Mommy couldn’t be more proud! 😉

Our meeting with Aiden’s teacher only lasted about 15 minutes. Then she invited us to McDonald’s for lunch. Of course, Aiden was all about that!

Wave the flag for the Happy Meal...may she always wave!

He doesn’t know of the doomed plight of the Happy Meal back in the States. He knows nothing of the differences that will soon find their way into the house-shaped boxes he’s come to love so much. He just knows that Mommy never lets him have them (very rarely) and here was an opportunity to get one! Yes!

I was determined to steer clear of the food that would hurt me. And I did just that. I ordered a beloved Happy Meal for my son and then I ordered something very cool and different for me. I ordered a Nurnberger! It’s a snack-sized sandwich with three long, skinny wurst links, mustard and fried onion bits all piled on a small brotchen. These little cuties are obviously unique to where I live and I’m excited to get to try something like this while living here in Germany. I’m happy to report that, for fast food, this little sandwich was pretty tasty.

The Nurnburger Snack Sandwich - Courtesy McDonald's DE

Even though I didn’t eat anything but the sausages with mustard, it was still really yummy. I actually should have just ordered two and it would have filled me up better. I accidentally ate one of the crunchy things, which is how I discovered it was fried onion bits. The brotchen, sadly, ended up wrapped in the paper and placed in the bin.

I do love some German breads…the bakeries here are amazing. But while I’m on my quest, these will have to be off-limits. And I most certainly was not going to blow it on a McDonald’s sandwich when there are at least a half dozen fresh bakeries between here and my house. That would just be silly. If you’re going to do anything, don’t do it halfway, right? At least, that’s my philosophy…

So, my son got exactly what he wanted…his Happy Meal. I’m happy to report, also, that the Happy Meal in Germany is exactly the same as it is in the U.S. Aiden got chicken nuggets and french fries, his favorite, along with a toy prize inside his fun house-shaped box.

Sometimes kids just need to be kids.

It’s true, I do not let my son eat fast food very often at all. In fact, it took my entire household ganging up on me to let Aiden have “hot lunch” at school instead of me making his lunch everyday. I just don’t want him to grow up with poor eating habits…what can I say? I’m a concerned parent who only wants the best for her son. And Happy Meals, as fun as they are, are a once-every-so-often treat for my son. Not a staple in his everyday diet. So it was fun to let him enjoy his Happy Meal and revel in being a kid. After all…you only get to do it once.

To a healthier, happier and longer life.

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