Day 10: Feeling Comfortable in My Skin

Sometimes it’s just necessary to have a “lounge” day. That’s just what today was. Denny and I stayed in our pajamas until around 3pm. And we just chilled and did a whole lot of nothing. It felt wrong and so, so right at the same time.

The trouble that I have here is the weather. It’s typically cloudy, cold and rainy or drizzling. I just have a really hard time getting motivated to do anything when every day looks that way. It’s starting to get dark as early as 4pm already. My body just doesn’t like that too much.

But today, lounging around with my husband, I didn’t allow myself to feel guilty about it. I knew we had plans for later so we could indulge in our laziness without repercussions. What a great feeling that was.

Looking pretty stylish for McDonald's

As the day grew dark, we actually had a birthday party to go to and had to retire our pajamas for actual pants and shoes. No big deal. We got dressed and headed out…into the dark.

Our party convened at the local McDonald’s. Yes, I was back at the same McDonald’s I visited just days ago for lunch with Aiden‘s teacher. We were back again, this time invited by one of Aiden’s friend’s mom. A birthday party for a bunch of five-year-olds. Good times.

The best part is we ended up leaving after a bit and met up at one of the parent’s house. Denny had to go do his DJ thing (his usual Saturday night gig) but I had no plans and felt free to ride the wave. These moms, who were very close to each other, were offering exciting, fun and interesting conversation. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Sans wine!

The conversation ebbed and flowed through hours upon hours and the kiddos were going full force in intense play for the duration. It was so nice and relaxing to sit, laugh and commiserate with grown-ups again. It’s been a while since I was really free to indulge. In fact, I haven’t had many occasions (or people) when I could really do that. These moments are few and far between. Tonight was a rare treat.

Aiden - "Birthday cake's not healthy, but it's okay!"

The best part for me is that I felt comfortable. I wasn’t secretly in my head trying to figure out a graceful exit so I could get home and get out of my restrictive clothing because I was uncomfortable. I was feeling good and healthy. I was laughing openly, smiling freely, talking incessantly, and enjoying the way I felt. I didn’t need to have a glass or two of wine to relax. I was already there. I felt young and vibrant.

I came home around midnight. I was afraid if I stayed any longer I would get too tired to drive home. I got to the house, put Aiden to bed (he was completely worn out) and got into my pajamas again. I was renewed a bit and decided to have a couple of glasses of wine and wait up for Denny. Yes, I always do enjoy my wine, but it was exceptionally sweet tonight. What a treat!

When Denny did finally get home, he sat down and had a couple of glasses with me and we stayed up chatting until 4am. For such a lethargic start to our day, it sure ended up on an interesting note. We’ll see how tomorrow ends up with our limited amount of sleep tonight. 😉

To a healthier, happier and longer life.

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