Days 16, 17 & 18: Bazaar Adventure

Wooden Dutch shoes at the bazaar

Ahhh…the bazaar! We love when the bazaar comes to town. It’s a full three days of shopping bliss, with vendors from all over Europe colliding at one very large location. Two hangars filled with handmade wares to tempt us. Denny and I love the bazaar and look forward to its arrival the two times of year it comes around. And today was day one for the Christmas bazaar. Bliss.

We got a late start today, though. Since we were so late getting in from Ramstein last night, we let Aiden sleep a little longer and got him to school at 10am.  The poor guy was exhausted from the day before.

We hit the bazaar at 11am and began our search for gifts and personal wants. One of the things that makes the bazaar so much fun is the wineries. There are tons of them that come to the bazaar from Germany, France and Italy. And they all give out samples of all of their different wines. When you walk by one of their tables, you’ll see several bottles all lined up just asking to be tasted.  And again, Denny and I had to indulge. Tasting is half the fun!

Old World tapestry of Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

I tasted wine after wine. I tried a cherry wine that was so good we bought two bottles.  I tried many different wines including gluhwein in red and white. We spent about $100 on wine and liqueurs, which is about how much we’ve spent at previous bazaars. We bought more of the fragoline di bosco we had last year. It is amazing stuff made from wild strawberries. I’m not even sure it’s something we can get back home.

And then there was the flowing-from-all-corners gluhwein, sold for $3 a cup. I had at least two of those while we shopped. Ahhhh…the bazaar.

There was also plenty of food to try…especially cheese! Beautiful Dutch cheese in many varieties of flavors. And the gummy bears. You’ve never had gummy bears like these before. Cookies, breads and biscuits were also on display to entice  passers-by. So much to sample in so little time.

Selection of Dutch cheeses

Denny and I tasted, drank and shopped all day while Aiden was in school. We found a lot of cool things and made some (okay, a lot) of purchases. And we only made it through one of the two giant hangars. But it was time to go pick up Aiden from school.

We arrived at Aiden’s classroom and found Aiden’s friend Kevin crying outside with his mom. Kevin was supposed to spend the night with Aiden, but I guess he had been on “yellow” all week on the behavior chart and lost the privilege of a sleep-over.  But, we made arrangements for him to come play for a few hours anyway.

Aiden and Kevin - friends for life!

Kevin’s mom arrived a little while later at our house to drop him off. He was so excited, as was Aiden, that he darted off without really saying good-bye to his mom. The boys were so excited and played in Aiden’s room together with very little intervention from Denny and me. They had a great time!

Fragoline di bosco and champagne

So, Denny and I decided to indulge in some of our lovely beverages purchased today. We made some cocktails from the fragoline di bosco and champagne. We saw this drink when we first arrived in Germany and when we found the fragoline di bosco last year for the first time we couldn’t wait to try it. It’s a very pretty drink.

The tiny strawberries dance around inside the glass with the bubbles. Very nice.

Then we played a few rounds of the new game Denny bought from a toy vendor. It’s actually very quick and

quite fun for as simple as it is. We were enjoying each others’ company and relaxing into our Friday night.

Denny with his new hat and new game from the bazaar

Me having a nice, relaxing evening with my hubby

Saturday, we needed to head back to the base and hit the other hangar. We had to take Aiden with us, but there is a giant jumpy gym that will take your child for 30 minutes for $5. Yippee! We fully take advantage of that, as well. So, Denny and I found even more things to fall in love with in the second hangar. Each day we went to the bazaar we spent more and more money. Oh well, it’s only twice a year.

Antiques and furniture are in abundance at the bazaar, including these neat shelves made from old toboggans.

Sunday I spent four hours volunteering at the bazaar. During that time I got to visit with and inspect even more stuff. I walked out at the end of my shift having spent even more money. Not a lot, but some.

I tried to stick as close as I could to the DSP when it came to starches. My big issue this weekend was wine and alcohol. It’s not that I drank a lot, but I guess I drank quite a bit over the whole weekend. Obviously, wine is really kind of off-limits while I’m trying to lose weight, but this weekend I just threw that out the window. Not ideal.

What a weekend of indulgence! Not only did we spend a lot of money but we also drank quite a bit of wine and liqueurs and sampled a lot of rich foods. Thank goodness for Monday!

To a healthier, happier and longer life.

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