Day 23: Black Friday and the Simulated Turkey Dinner

Friday was a lazy, casual day for us. We had spent the night with some good friends and had a blast. We ate, we drank, we laughed, we played. It was a grand time. But, coming home felt good.

Needless to say, we didn’t feel like doing much on Friday. It was Black Friday in the States, but we are relegated to shopping online for the Black Friday deals and steals. No worries…we kinda prefer that these days. So, Denny immediately set up our laptops in the living room and began digging for the

My boys in their chillaxin' pose

best deals of the day.

You can lose several hours that way, by the way. Before we knew it, it was getting close to dinner time. And I had big plans for today’s dinner.

I really love the holidays mostly because it’s the one time of year that certain foods make their appearance. I love turkey. We should definitely have more occasions to bring one of those big, beautiful birds to the forefront. I love dressing. I know, it’s not on the top of my DSP, but it’s once or twice a year, usually. At least, the way my grandmother makes it. I’m not counting the instant stuff in a box. That’s not the same.

There was an enormous amount of food for just the three of us.

Since we didn’t make a turkey for Thanksgiving and didn’t have the opportunity for leftovers, I thought I would make a similar dinner for Friday for our little family. Instead of a turkey, though, I had a large chicken. I created a new way to use my persimmons. I made a persimmon-tangerine stuffing and filled my chicken. I also made dressing to go with it. And yes, I did make green bean casserole…Denny loves that stuff! I had leftover twice-baked potato casserole and homemade macaroni & cheese from our Thanksgiving dinner so I added them to the mix. It was definitely a feast! Yum!

Yes, I believe I broke the Cardinal rule when it comes to diets and the holidays…when you go off of your diet for a special occasion, you should go back on the next day. I did not adhere to that rule. At all!

But I will not feel guilty about it. I will get back on track and try to learn from the mistakes I made this past week. That’s all I can do. Right?

To a healthier, happier and longer life.


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