Gettin’ Through the Holidays

I haven’t been on my DSP for several weeks, but I’ve been maintaining. I haven’t actually gained any additional pounds back, which is okay for now. I have been eating sugar (cookies, brownies, candy, etc.) like a freakin’ child…with reckless abandon!

Truth be told, I have been thinking about the DSP and what went wrong for me. But, I’ve also been trapped in our house for several days while we weather out the big snowstorm.  I’m going a little stir crazy already and winter just started… I’ve been eating out of boredom and not always making the wisest of choices. Sugar is the enemy and I’ve let it come into our house. That is a huge mistake since I have a hard time with trigger foods. Shame on me.

The snow has blanketed the Eifel

Christmas is only a few days away, we have tons of snow on the ground, and people keep sending us various foods (cookies, candy, breads, etc.) for the holidays. And, possibly the worst part, I’ve been contributing to the sugar overload in our house. I’ve been baking! And, shamefully, I admit I have not been using the Stevia as I should be. Although, I am planning on making our Christmas cookies with my son with the Stevia. I tried it in some cornbread recently when I made a big pot of red beans and the Stevia was amazing! It tasted soooo good! So, I’m confident that the cookies will be great, too!

And then there’s the amount of alcohol I’ve been consuming. I swear, wine will be the one thing that keeps me from reaching my goals. Wine is my enemy, probably even more so than sugar. There is a substitute for sugar…but nothing really replaces my wine. And I do love it so…

My arch nemesis

I have taken up my exercise regimen once again. I got so excited last week when I attended the first ever Zumba class at Spangdahlem AB. It was a free demo class, but it was awesome! I was completely energized after we finished. They will be offering regular classes the first week of January and I can hardly wait. It was then that I realized what my biggest problem has been while trying out the DSP….I was NOT exercising.

I know there are a lot of diets you can try and a lot of eating plans out there. And every good nutritionist knows that the calories in vs. calories out equation is the overall determiner for weight loss. You can definitely eat 500 calories a day, not exercise and lose weight. But that is the very worst way you can go about it. If you really want to lose weight the healthy way you must eat a healthy amount of calories, create a significant but not extreme calorie deficit and exercise regularly. That is the formula for a healthy lifestyle. I’ve known this all along…

After I got that first Zumba class down, the first exercise I’ve had in more than a month, I felt so amazingly good. I knew right then that I had been cheating myself all the time I was on the DSP by not adding this vital component into my weekly routine. What an idiot I turned out to be!

Since that day I’ve continued to get in at least a couple of bouts of exercise. I haven’t been watching what I eat so much, but I have at least been getting that exercise in. When the holidays are behind us I think that I will recommit myself to tackling the DSP again. Although I still haven’t made up my mind if that program will be the one I choose…I’m still considering the other program. Or maybe a combination of the programs. I have recipes from several programs that may prove useful in my quest.

My ultimate goal is to lose the fat by June. We are planning a trip back home to visit friends and family this summer and I would like to be rid of this extra weight once and for all before we get back to Texas. I’m still hovering around 140 lbs. and I would like to at least reach 130 by the summer. That will give me about 6 months to reach my goal. I would love to get to 125 so that’s where I will set my sights. I want to get into a bikini this summer and lounge by the pool…I’ve missed pools while I’ve been in Germany!

I realize I’m going to have to work my butt off to drop 15 lbs. by June, but I think I can really commit to it and hopefully I won’t run into any further obstacles. I’ve just started going to the sports medicine doctor and physical therapy again to address the pain in my hip. I’m hoping that this time around we can figure out how to make the pain go away for good…hopefully without surgery. I want to continue working out really hard while going through therapy and maybe it will actually produce a better outcome with different doctors, techniques and with me not gaining weight! I need to build strength in order to make this happen.

It will be along road but I believe I can reach my goals. I’ve come so far at this point. But I’m only half way to where I want to be. I just need to really buckle down and make it happen.  In the meantime, I am blessed to be able to spend the holidays with my little family – my husband and 5 year old son. I love Christmas time! This is the time of year to relax with family and friends. I intend to completely take advantage of the fact that I have my two men with me and enjoy every moment. Then, after the New Year gets here, it will be game on!

To a healthier, happier and longer life.

About Jodie M Cordell

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