Making Plans for the New Year

We’re just a couple of days away from 2011 and I’ve been making some preparations and taking some recipe test drives this past week.  First, I made some sugar-free sugar cookies for Santa with my son. I used my favorite recipe with Fructevia instead of sugar. That stuff is really amazing! I couldn’t tell the difference between the Fructevia and real sugar…the texture is even the same. You simply use half the amount that you would of real sugar because it’s twice as sweet as sugar.  The cookies turned out great!

Sugar-free Christmas cookies

And my 5 year old son loved them, too! I made some cream cheese icing, too, using Neufchatel cheese, vanilla extract and Fructevia. Soooo amazing!

Sugar-free sugar cookies with sugar-free cream cheese icing for Santa

I also attempted to make these delicious Peanut Butter Cups yesterday. I’ve been perusing the recipes on and they look amazing. There are several others I want to try. But the Peanut Butter Cups just looked too good to pass up. So, I made them up yesterday. The only problem is the chocolate didn’t stiffen for me…not sure what I did…and they ended up as runny paper cups of blah. So, back to the drawing board for those. I also ended up with twice as much peanut butter filling as chocolate, so I’m going to re-try the chocolate and use the other half of the peanut butter filling. Hopefully, my second attempt will render some lovely little 100 calorie candies with very little sugar.

My plan for the New Year is to re-start the DSP again. I have the 2-week jumpstart guide and I think I will start with that. I want to prepare ahead several things I can use when I have cravings or low days. Substituting Fructevia for sugar will be a great way to make some great alternatives to candy, cakes, cupcakes, or whatever kind of crazy cravings I may run into. I just watched this great video to help me prepare. It’s nothing really new to me, but it’s a great reminder to give me a quick boost!

I also picked up this great recipe for Oatmeal Protein Cookies that I think I’m gonna try to whip up.  They really sound good. And who couldn’t use more whole grains and protein, right?

I got a new bathroom scale for Christmas from my lovely husband. It tracks my weight, fat percentage and water percentage. I really love the gift, but I did NOT like what I saw when I stepped on it. My other scale was really, really old and I think it’s been lying to me for a while. I thought I was around 142-145 lbs. but when I got on the new scale it showed 153 lbs.  And that’s not the worst part…it’ showed my body fat percentage as 39%.  I nearly sat down and cried. I’m so far away from my goal. It was really overwhelming. To say that the rest of my day I was a little depressed would be understating it a bit.

So, with 2011 just around the corner, I’m planning my attack. I don’t really mind gaining a few pounds during the holidays…I really like to have a lot of the holiday foods that only come around during that time.

Christmas feast

Christmas cocktail...amaretto and whipped cream!

But I have apparently done more damage than I planned. Or I was more in the hole in the first place. No matter how you look at it, I have a long road ahead of me.

I’m considering signing up for the “Biggest Loser” challenge on base. It’s a month-long challenge to burn fat and get in shape. We got for ourselves a Wii for Christmas with the Wii Fit and Wii Sports programs. I’ve done it some. But I’m also going to be doing the Zumba classes plus some strength training. I have my first physical therapy session next week, too. So, hopefully, getting up and moving around a lot will help me on my newly committed journey. I’m positive it will go better than the last time around.

So, here’s to a new year with new beginnings! Happy New Year everyone!

To a healthier, happier and longer life.


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