Week 4: Hell Week

This week has been absolutely horrible. Not because of my program, but because of a houseful of illness. My son brought home some nasty virus that knocked him back from Friday night (of last week) until Thursday or Friday. He stayed mostly in his room through the weekend and first part of the week while I tended to him. I fed him in his room, when I could get him to eat, and I administered over the counter medication to help relieve his symptoms. We set up the humidifier in his room with Vapo Steam to help with his congestion. He had congestion in his head and his chest. The poor little guy. It’s so hard to watch your kids be that sick.

By Monday, I started to feel the tinge of a soar throat and just thought, “Please don’t let me get this, too.” But, by Wednesday, I was stuffy in my head and starting to run my own fever. I was happy to take Aiden to school, his only day in school all week, on Thursday. He was begging me to let him go since they were taking a field trip to the movie theater that day. But I wanted him to go back. I was feeling pretty horrible by then and wanted to get a little rest for my own oncoming illness.

When I picked him up from school that day, the teacher told me that he is still not really feeling well. She said he seemed really tired more than anything. I could totally understand that because that’s exactly how I felt. She also said she thinks she is coming down with it. Apparently a lot of kids and teachers have started to call in sick due to this nasty virus. Lucky us.

When Aiden and I got home, I got a call from the landlord. She wanted to come and bring people to the house to show it. Potential renters. I tried to explain that I was sick, the house was not even close to show-able, I needed time. She asked to come on Friday since I was adamant about not having people in my house within the next couple of hours. That gave me less than 24 hours to get the house in a more presentable state. But I didn’t feel like starting right then. I wanted a nap instead.

The next day, Aiden and I slept in until around 9am. Although, I did get up really early to make Denny’s lunch and see him off. On Thursday he said that he was starting to feel a bit of congestion in his head. He was afraid he had contracted the illness from the two of us. By Friday morning, he was feeling it like a Mack truck. He left very early for PT, not certain how he would make it through the day. I felt really badly…I wish he hadn’t gotten this sickness. He has to go to work everyday. I do part-time stuff. I can postpone, reschedule meetings, work around an illness. But he doesn’t have that luxury.

I did the best I could cleaning. I was feeling severely fatigued and mustered as much strength as I could to get it cleaned up. I did pretty well, too. I got a lot done in a short amount of time. But the prospective renters showed up half an hour early and caught me in the midst of the final cleaning stages before I was to put things away. Instead, they got to see the vacuum cleaner, still plugged in, sitting in the middle of the living room floor. At that point, however, I could care less. The house was somewhat clean and that was good enough for me.

I warned them not to get too close. I told them I had been sick with my son all week and it was pretty nasty. The woman said she had already had it. Ouch. But I showed them the house and chatted politely. After the tour, the Engels showed up. They decided to have a big discussion right in the entryway of the house. How I wished they would just go already.

The lovely couple left to head back to their TLF home to consider the matter until Monday. I know they will not take the house. They liked a lot of things about it, but there is no dishwasher and for many in this day and age, that’s a deal breaker. But I don’t really care whether they take the house or not. I just want to be gone from here.

The Engels, on the other hand, wanted to check the oil and meters again. I don’t really know why, nor do I care. It won’t make a hill of beans difference. We’re moving and we will not be paying any more than what we’ve already been paying. They just checked the stupid meters and oil less than a month ago. What in the world do they need to check it again for? I just felt really horrible and wanted them to leave. Luckily, they left soon after. And by 2:15pm I had the house to myself again. Just me and Aiden. And it was time for a nap.

Poor little guy. Here's Aiden at the beginning of the week. He's not feeling so hot.

Denny came home early on Friday. He said, “I just couldn’t physically do it anymore.” He was feeling nauseous…something Aiden and I didn’t feel. He had a sinus headache so bad that it was making him physically ill…not unlike a migraine. He came in and got in the bathtub and stayed there for half an hour. Now we all had the nasty virus. But guess who was feeling a lot better?

Aiden, for the most part, had gotten past all the worst of the illness and was starting to bounce off the walls. Poor guy. He had been cooped up in his room for several days. And by Friday he was practically stir crazy. But Denny and I were really starting to feel the worst of it as it was settling in. We moved the humidifier from his room into ours that night.

This weekend has been a pajama weekend. Aiden, even though he’s feeling fine, has been wearing his pajamas while Denny and I have basically been sloughing around the house in ours. Luckily, I made some vegetable and broth the other day in the Romertopf that I quickly whipped into a beef vegetable soup for me and Denny. Aiden has been eating Chef Boyardee, frozen pizza, chicken nuggets and french fries and Kid Cuisine the whole weekend. No one’s even gone out of the house since Friday.

Today is Sunday. It’s been a long and excruciatingly painful week. I tried to get my workouts in this week at the beginning. But by Thursday I was in no shape to workout. I tried to use these fancy things Denny bought a month or so ago – Bally Total Body Scupting Bar – on Thursday, but only did about half an hour before my energy was totally gone. Funny thing is, my legs are still soar just from doing that. It didn’t seem like much at the time, but I’ve been feeling it ever since.

We really need to venture out of the house today, but with the lack of sleep for both me and Denny, the congestion and sinus pressure and headaches, it’s hard to even think about having the energy to go anywhere. Maybe a little later today. But right now, I’m living in my Bearpaw boots and pajama pants. I learned that my feet feel most comfort inside these Bearpaw boots and have been wearing them in the house like slippers. They are the most awesome boots ever.

Today, I need to clean the kitchen and think about giving the house a good scrubbing down. I need to get these germs out of our house before we have a second go round with this monster virus. But right now, I’m sipping my coffee and thinking of maybe having a shower. One step at a time, right?

So, here’s hoping we’re almost over this yuckiness and I can get back on track this next week. I have a full calendar coming up this week and don’t have any more time to waste being under the weather. After all, we still have to start packing boxes, which is what we were gonna start doing this weekend. Oh well. At least we put our Christmas stuff away last weekend…

To a healthier, happier and longer life.


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