Food Democracy Now | Obama Goes Rogue on GMOs – Tell him to say NO to Monsanto

The battle over our food supply continues. Obama and his administration continue to ignore the protests from family farmers, organic growers and consumers of organic and local farming goods. Monsanto is pushing for more contamination of our food supply with GMOs. The latest in this trend is the deregulated GMO Alfalfa and partially deregulated GMO sugar beets. These two crops could enter into our food supply as early as this spring.

It’s frustrating to people like me who are always trying to keep GMOs and other unnatural specimen from our household foods. The only way to stop this is to let your voice be as loud as ever! Read the article. Sign the petition. Share with everyone who prefers to eat clean foods. This issue is very important to me and should be important to everyone who strives to be/live/eat healthy. This is an outright contamination of our food source and a certain death to small, organic, family farmers. Put a stop to this insanity!

Food Democracy Now | Obama Goes Rogue on GMOs – Tell him to say NO to Monsanto.

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