A Whole New Mindset…

One thing I’ve almost never had a hard time with is working out. My problem has always been with having the motivation to work out. There’s a big difference. Once a workout begins, I’m in it – focused and determined. But it’s the getting to the beginning which the hard part. Just showing up is half the battle. So if you can figure out a way to get yourself to show up, you’re half way to your fitness goal. That is the truth.

So, in that vein, I have decided this week to let money help me with my motivational ineptness. I know that if I put money into something I’m usually going to work it like it matters because I don’t want to lose money. No one wants to do that. At least, that’s the premise, right?

After nearly five years of being a member of the Beachbody community, I finally invested in the company and became a coach. If you’re not familiar with Beachbody by now, they are the company that offers P90X, Insanity, Turbo Jam, Yoga Booty Ballet, Turbo Fire and many other fitness programs  along with the ultra popular Shakeology by the P90X creators. I purchased Turbo Jam in 2006 and have been doing it ever since. When I first got to my optimum weight in early 2007 it was through consistent use of Turbo Jam. And I still love this program,  doing it several times a week.

So, I’ve committed not just to my goal of fitness and transformation, but also to my business. I’ve now made it my job to workout daily. My transformation will be my key to success with my Beachbody business. And I’ve put my money down to insure I will make that happen.

I’m starting on the Shakeology (finally) and I’m excited about seeing how the results pan out for me. I’m terrible at dieting (as you can probably tell from my past fails on other programs) so I’m hoping that the Shakeology will give me some foothold in my diet mess. It’s not that I eat poorly, mind you, it’s just that I sometimes don’t control myself the way I should. It’s a fine line, and I tend to step over it a little too often. And of course, living in a place where I’m surrounded by great wine, amazing chocolate and the best beers in the world doesn’t really do much to help my cause.

So, here I go…I’m off and running, looking forward to sharing these experiences, too, as I go along learning even more new things. My business sites are up so feel free to go check them out. And of course, if you are ready to start that P90X you’ve been putting off, feel free to order it from me! 😉

To a healthier, happier and longer life.


About Jodie M Cordell

I am a military spouse and a freelance writer/copywriter. I love to write and fill my time writing for both pleasure and profession. I specialize in advertising and marketing but have a passion for food, nutrition and health. I spend my free time writing about the wonderful things I learn regarding food and nutrition and enjoy sharing all the things I find with others. View all posts by Jodie M Cordell

2 responses to “A Whole New Mindset…

  • HealthierUJunction (HUJ)

    Good investment I bet. I just purchased P90X and got Insanity from a friend. I love the P90X, which I just started last week. I find that if I just put on my workout clothes and pop in the DVD, no matter how motivated, I eventually get motivated. It’s like you said, once you show up, you’re there. So, even when I put on my workout clothes and say, “I’m not in the mood for this” and I walk downstairs to the living room and pop in the DVD saying, “I’ll do this, but you’re not getting my 100%,” I find that within 5-10 minutes, I’m giving 120% and have completely forgotten about my lack of motivation from the beginning. As Tony says, “Bring It.”

    • Jodie M Cordell

      I sometimes do the same thing HealthierU!! I can have the DVD starter page for my Turbo Jam on (loud party music plays) in the other room. I’ll be sitting at the kitchen table thinking, “Do I really have to do this today?” But eventually that music will summon me in to the workout room! LOL! I think I’m gonna be doing the Turbo Fire next, but I wanna get my hubby into P90X and see what he thinks! Thanks for your comment. 😉

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