Excessive Day-Time Tiredness and the Joys of European Springtime

Lately, I’ve been having so much of a problem with daytime sleepiness that my husband took notice. He actually made a doctor‘s appointment for me, fearing there might be something seriously wrong with me. Honestly, I didn’t consider that much could really be wrong until he mentioned his concern for my health and well-being. However, I guess he had a point….I am, after all, over 40 years old. Though sometimes I really try to forget that. I like to think I’m 30-11 instead. I know I certainly  don’t feel like I’m middle-aged. Jeez, what the hell is that supposed to feel like, anyway? Scary thought…moving on.

So, I did go to the appointment my husband had scheduled and told the doctor that yes, in fact, I’ve had a pretty big problem lately with feeling excessively tired. She had two thoughts: sleep interruption or thyroid issues. She decided that we should check my hormones and my vitamin levels (especially iron to rule out anemia) and see what comes back. If everything comes back normal, then we can tackle the issue of sleep interruption with a sleep study. Joy.

The beautiful, vibrantly yellow rape fields of the Eifel region of Germany.

I’m a huge puss when it comes to needles being jabbed into my arm. I would make the worst junkie EVER. But I toughed it out as they took no less than six vials of blood from me. And you know I didn’t leave without getting my hard-earned Dora the Explorer stickers!

But the tests came back great! My hormones are fine! (Happy dance around the kitchen table!) I got a prescription for iron to supplement my diet, just to be on the safe side and added B-complex and B-12 supplements to make sure all of these important vitamins are present. But everything in my chart shows I’m fine.

So, what’s the verdict? My doctor mentioned something in the follow-up appointment she had not mentioned before…allergies. I take two different allergy medications everyday and I’m not even allergic to anything in particular. But apparently, this spring in Germany, the pollen is so bad that it’s making everyone sick.

Aiden gives me a flower...

Not too long after I went in for my visit with my doctor, my son starting having some odd symptoms, too. He woke up early, early one morning and couldn’t open his eye…it was swollen shut. Poor guy…he’s only five. He was freakin’ out! I took him to the doctor, too, and it turns out he’s having the same problem I’ve been having.

Shortly after the conversation with my son’s doctor,  I noticed how much more tired he is. I knew it was getting harder and harder to get him up in the mornings for school, but I really thought it was because he’s so close to school being over and he’s ready for a break It didn’t occur to me that he was feeling the same thing I’ve been feeling. But he and I have been feeling it together. We both are struggling to get through our days.

After we get home from school, he usually passes out in the floor on the rug and naps for a couple of hours. I let him. I know how it is. If I can slip in a nap during that time, I do it too. It’s all we can do to stay awake these days. I truly have to get everything done in the early part of the day because there’s just no way I have any energy for anything from the late afternoon on. I try. My intentions are there, but my energy is zapped.

I hope this springtime hell passes soon. There is so much left in a day from 3pm on. I hate that I get to that point in the day and start thinking about going to bed. I have way too many things I want to accomplish to keep this up. Ugh.

I think I’ll go lie down now…

To a healthier, happier and longer life.


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