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A Candy-Free Halloween

As someone who’s been gluten-free for a while now, I should know better. But yesterday I “glutenated” myself with a mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. (Ok, so it was obviously more than one. It’s a well known fact that no one can eat just one.) I really used to love those things, but I now know all too well just how bad they really are. I also noticed a weird chemical after taste that I don’t remember ever existing before. And of course, being highly sensitive to whatever is in these little cups besides peanut butter, I was sick for the rest of the night.
Which brings me to my Halloween decision for this year — a candy-free Halloween! I’m not being a revolutionary deciding this, as there are clearly lots of families who’ve given up the candy idea for healthier, more fun options. I read a fun blog post, “Real Food Tips: 20 Ways to do Halloween without candy” listing all kinds of alternatives to handing out candy along with some great ideas on what to do with all the masses of candy your kid will collect on his or her Trick or Treating outing. I personally love the idea of handing out the glow sticks. And as I read through the comments on the post, one person mentioned decorating clementines like little jack-o-lanterns with a Sharpie! Love that idea, too.

So, if you want to kick the GMO candy habit and go for something fun and healthy, use a little imagination and come up with something creative on your own. Or use one of the many fun ideas floating around on Pinterest and several blogs out there by super crafty moms. There’s nothing wrong with sharing a great idea and keeping all the nasty, GMO-laced candy out of our kiddos this Halloween. Or all the candy-filled holidays to come, for that matter. There’s no better time to start building healthy habits for our children than right now.

And just in case you aren’t familiar with all the GMO candies out there, here’s a great list.

Incidentally, GMOs are not the only reason to forego the candy at all the holidays, of course, but they happen to be completely unchecked in 90% of the candy out on the market that our kids just love to beg for. If you happen to live in California, you can help make a huge difference in the fight to get GMOs labeled in ALL foods, including all the candy within your child’s reach at every check out counter on the planet. California residents please VOTE YES to PROP 37!! We all have a right to know what’s in our food, especially the food our children love to eat!


A bowl full of fun surprises…stickers, dracula teeth, scary finger tips, whistles…none of which contain GMOs or contribute to sugar overload. Win-win!

Have a safe and healthy Halloween!

To a happier, healthier and longer life.


Eat Your Dark Greens For Breakfast? YES!

I had the best time in my kitchen yesterday morning.  I found a recipe that I got really excited about in my latest Cooking Light magazine and just couldn’t hardly wait to get in there and give it a whirl. It was a traditional Korean dish called – bibimbop. My husband said that when he was in Korea for a year he saw lots of people eating variations of this dish all the time. He never ventured to try it himself, though. But that’s because my hubby is a vegephobe. He won’t go near any visible vegetables – ever. (Shhh….don’t tell him, but I have a habit of sneaking them in when he’s not looking!)

So, I was so excited about my cooking experience with bibimbop that I made my very first video log! That’s right – I’m reaching beyond my comfort zone!

And here it is, so check it out!

(I don’t know what happened to my video – it disappeared into the YouTube abyss, I’m assuming.)

It was such a reward to sit down and try one of these tasty little bowls. Here is how mine turned out.


Don’t they look scrumptious? The recipe called for Korean chili paste, but I didn’t have any on hand and used Frank’s Red Hot, one of my most favorite condiments, instead.

Here is the recipe from Cooking Light Magazine.

Yes, it’s a little involved, but if you’ve got about an hour to spend in the kitchen, this is such a great meal to prepare ahead. I’m thinking of making everything but the egg for the next time I make this. Then, I can just cook one egg and pile it on top of the prepared bowls and my egg won’t get hard in the microwave.

I know I’ll be making this one for a long time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

To a healthier, happier and longer life (full of leafy green veggies!)

You Gotta Love Dr. Oz – Especially When He Confronts Monsanto and GMOs

I was playing around researching writing projects on Facebook yesterday and came across this awesome video of Dr. Oz asking a panel about GMOs. I really do love to watch Dr. Oz. He always discusses contemporary topics on his show and brings a handful of people who know what they’re talking about to debate the subject. It’s fun to watch! And he’s very well-informed when it comes to health and nutrition so he pipes in when it’s necessary, facilitating a well structured argument.

So, when he had three people on the show to talk about the dangers of GMOs and Monsanto‘s role in the production of them, I was really excited. And it was even better than I imagined it would be. The woman representing Monsanto, or at least the use of GMOs in our food supply, couldn’t intelligently defend herself against the allegations, studies and research that link illnesses to GMOs and especially the Round-Up Ready varieties.  Monsanto, true to form, couldn’t be bothered with participating. Instead they sent a couple of lines of copy to debunk any naysayers in the argument.

The plain truth – the reason Monsanto can’t actually defend itself against these allegations is that Monsanto’s drive behind keeping the public in the dark is purely and simply money. On the show, Dr. Oz mentioned he did a survey asking if people knew they were eating GMOs would they continue to buy and consume them. Well, the response was 80% against consuming them.

That tells me that Monsanto has a lot to lose if the labeling bills passed into law and companies had to let consumers know they were using GMOs to make their products. If food manufacturers can’t sell their products containing GMOs, they will no longer have a reason to do business with Monsanto. It could essentially shut down this monstrous company that bullies farmers and deceives the public. Wouldn’t that be something….

But, alas, today is just another day in the fight against the big food companies, the FDA, Monsanto and the use of GMOs, and our right to know what is in our food supply. Today, I have to go to the grocery and buy more food. I can always make my voice heard with my dollar!

Enjoy the Dr. Oz video…it’s fun to watch! The most important thing is that this subject is now in the mainstream. People are talking about the use of GMOs on prime time television. And that’s a huge leap forward. Yay.

To a healthier, happier and longer life.

How to Rule the Whole Freaking World

Copyblogger is one of my favorite blogs for my freelance writing. They always have amazing blogs that offer tons of insight. So, imagine what I was thinking when a blog titled How to Rule the Whole Freaking World popped into my inbox. The headline grabbed my attention, of course. But in all seriousness, this is one of the best blog posts I’ve read in a while. It made me feel fantastic right off the bat! Do yourself a favor…read it.

Thank you Sonia!

11 things you should buy organic on Shine

So, there I was, minding my own business reading stuff on Yahoo and what can you imagine I came across? I read the article, 11 things you should buy organic and I was surprised by some things. The article isn’t 100% about food, for one.

There are a couple of points that talk about BPA, the chemical compound in plastic that has made heating your leftovers in Gladware a big no-no. Now they’ve found it in canned goods. And the BPA is getting into food without it being heated, too. That goes for plastic as well as canned foods. So, water bottles, at least the plastic ones, are out. No more re-using plastic bottles to save the earth because it could give you, among other things, cancer. So, now I have to find a stainless steel bottle instead.

I have to say, most of this stuff I knew about already and try to buy organic when I can. But to hear that there are chemicals and pesticides on ORGANIC food kind of makes me a little nervous. The whole point of buying organic is to avoid these chemicals. Now I’m not sure. Maybe it’s best to just grow my own freakin’ strawberries because then I will know what kinds of things are on my plants. You can kill a lot of things with plain vinegar, water and lemon juice. In Germany they actually mix in some whiskey instead of lemon juice. I don’t know if that’s for the plants or for them. LOL.

But I liked the article…it has some very interesting information in it and I wanted to pass it along to you. I also tend to read comments on practically all articles, blog posts, etc. I read on the internet. I really like to see what people’s reactions are to what’s put out there. I love to read the interactions of people heated on either side of a debate. I’m just morbid like that.

Let me know what you think about what this article says in the comments. I look forward to reading them!

To a healthier, happier and longer life.

Women’s Health:: 10 foods – 40 recipes

So, I came across this list today from Women’s Health and was intrigued. I looked through some of the recipes and they actually look pretty tasty. What’s really cool is the shopping list…only 10 basic ingredients plus a list of “staples” everyone should keep in their pantry. So, if you are a rookie shopper and need a crib sheet for the weekly grocery run or you simply like the idea of a fancy list of stuff, here it is!

Seriously, these recipes are creative, fresh and enticing (I can’t hardly wait to try the Savory Black Bean Cakes) and most require less than 10 ingredients. Simple, fun and delicious! Enjoy!

10-foods-40-recipes.pdf (application/pdf Object).

To a healthier, happier and longer life.

10 Tips for Keeping Your Workout Schedule

I do still love to read articles on tons of sites dealing with diet and exercise, in case you were wondering. Here’s another great article on how to get through the busy holiday season without it taking a toll on your waistline! Thank you, Weight Watchers!

10 Tips for Keeping Your Workout Schedule.

Excuse-proof your workout by scheduling in fitness.

Isn’t it funny that the moment you decide to exercise, something always gets in the way? Mom stops by. That report is suddenly urgent. The dog ate your running shoes. Maybe it’s time to organize your exercise?