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You Gotta Love Dr. Oz – Especially When He Confronts Monsanto and GMOs

I was playing around researching writing projects on Facebook yesterday and came across this awesome video of Dr. Oz asking a panel about GMOs. I really do love to watch Dr. Oz. He always discusses contemporary topics on his show and brings a handful of people who know what they’re talking about to debate the subject. It’s fun to watch! And he’s very well-informed when it comes to health and nutrition so he pipes in when it’s necessary, facilitating a well structured argument.

So, when he had three people on the show to talk about the dangers of GMOs and Monsanto‘s role in the production of them, I was really excited. And it was even better than I imagined it would be. The woman representing Monsanto, or at least the use of GMOs in our food supply, couldn’t intelligently defend herself against the allegations, studies and research that link illnesses to GMOs and especially the Round-Up Ready varieties.  Monsanto, true to form, couldn’t be bothered with participating. Instead they sent a couple of lines of copy to debunk any naysayers in the argument.

The plain truth – the reason Monsanto can’t actually defend itself against these allegations is that Monsanto’s drive behind keeping the public in the dark is purely and simply money. On the show, Dr. Oz mentioned he did a survey asking if people knew they were eating GMOs would they continue to buy and consume them. Well, the response was 80% against consuming them.

That tells me that Monsanto has a lot to lose if the labeling bills passed into law and companies had to let consumers know they were using GMOs to make their products. If food manufacturers can’t sell their products containing GMOs, they will no longer have a reason to do business with Monsanto. It could essentially shut down this monstrous company that bullies farmers and deceives the public. Wouldn’t that be something….

But, alas, today is just another day in the fight against the big food companies, the FDA, Monsanto and the use of GMOs, and our right to know what is in our food supply. Today, I have to go to the grocery and buy more food. I can always make my voice heard with my dollar!

Enjoy the Dr. Oz video…it’s fun to watch! The most important thing is that this subject is now in the mainstream. People are talking about the use of GMOs on prime time television. And that’s a huge leap forward. Yay.

To a healthier, happier and longer life.


Claiming Health – A Study of Children’s Favorite Foods

The claims on the front of packages has been something I’ve been worried about quite a bit in the past few years. Food manufacturers boast many claims on the front of their products without any reprise from the Food and Drug Administration. Since front of packaging claims are not regulated, manufacturers are free to make bold statements about “health benefits” of their processed products. It’s unbelievable to me that these manufacturing companies can get away with such practices even though studies have come to the surface showing the misleading nature of these practices.

The worst culprits are the manufacturers of kids food products. The lack of nutrition or high levels of ingredients like sugar, artificial colors, sodium and saturated fats are disguised by front of package statements. Parents must educate themselves against these manufacturers and their deceptive practices. Don’t be fooled by the bold claims on the front of these packages. Flip the package over and read the Nutrition List and the Ingredient List. Your child’s current and future health depends on it.

Read the full report and see the list of foods tested – see which ones passed and the many who did not….

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Day 24: What I’ve Learned from My Disastrous Week

Okay. So it’s the end of the week and it’s been a real doozy! I began the week with a severe blockage that took four days to resolve. Then I completely went off the DSP for the rest of the week. And here we are…

I think that I made some really big, important-to-note mistakes in my DSP which de-railed me. When I was feeling really badly, I remembered that I had done this to myself before. I had the very same experience with the Atkins diet many years ago and that was why I got off of that diet.

First – you cannot go completely off, or restrict too much, your intake of grains unless you really have a problem with them. You need a lot of nutritional elements that come from eating whole grains. So, unless you have Celiac disease, a food allergy, or gluten sensitivity, don’t completely cut out the grains! Very important lesson.

Second – when the DSP says take it easy on the wine and other alcoholic beverages, then take it easy on the alcohol. During the weekend of the Bazaar, Denny and I drank a lot of wine and other fun alcoholic drinks. This most likely slowed down my metabolism and over-worked my liver. Not good for my fat loss.

Third – no matter how tired I feel, take it easy on the caffeine. I didn’t realize it until a few days later, but I have been drinking lots of coffee in the mornings. I worked all week and had tons of meetings and was drinking it without noticing how much I was drinking. I drink my coffee black, so I’m not over-consuming calories, but coffee (and any caffeine drink) dehydrates the body. When your body is in dehydration, it’s really hard for it to function efficiently.

Fourth – since I was drinking so much coffee during the day, guess what I wasn’t drinking.  That’s right – water! I was drinking far too little water and drinking water is the one magic potion for burning fat. It keeps the body firing the way it was meant to. I must drink water, no matter what!

So, after I crashed and burned this week, I can start this next week on the right foot. Time to get back on that horse and start again. I feel good now that the issue is resolved. So, there’s no better time to reboot.

To a healthier, happier and longer life.

Is Raw Milk Wrong?

Is it just me, or is the FDA trying to look like they’re cracking down while actually barking up the wrong tree?

Raw milk is something Isabel De Los Rios advocates in her Diet Solution Program. She points out that many more people in the U.S. suffer from lactose intolerance along with many other dairy-related ailments than any other place in the world.

There are many studies that point out that heat pasteurization kills all of the good bacteria, along with the bad, as well as a lot of nutrients and enzymes.

I currently live in Germany where pasteurization of milk products is done universally with the UHT method, providing milk that will sit on a shelf for extended periods of time without refrigeration. But more people get their milk fresh from dairies than you might think. There are trucks that will deliver fresh milk to your home a couple of times per week. Just like in the old days.

Personally, I think that the processed food industry in our country is what should be in the cross-hairs, but it seems that these small, family-owned businesses are much easier targets.

Raw-milk cheese in Northwest, elsewhere on the FDA radar | OregonLive.com.

So, when I read this article about the FDA going all stealth on these small dairies I was amazed. I was amazed at the fact that the FDA thinks this is what we, the people/consumers of food products, want the FDA to focus on.

Again, I post the question, what is it that we, consumers of food in the U.S., want to direct our attention to in regards to overhauls of the industry? The FDA seems a little unbiased to me, attacking small businesses that specialize in small, specialty and localized foods, instead of looking at the industry giants who create “un-foods” that are cheap to produce and maintain shelf-life for eons.

To me, the biggest problem we have is the lack of monitoring, regulating on the part of the FDA, of the large manufacturing plants producing the majority of the foods Americans consume. These giants have been feeding us crap for far too long. So many additives, preservatives, artificial colors, sodium and sugar…our “food” is hardly recognizable.

It’s very hard for modern families to produce up to five meals a day (or three meals plus two snacks) that are 100% pure, unadulterated and non-processed food. And walking the grocery store aisles, it’s hard to resist the marketing ploys of the big food companies beckoning you to take the easy way out. Not to mention the convenience. Who wants (or has the time) to spend all day in the kitchen preparing fresh food?

So, FDA please, stop harassing those small people who are standing up for fresh food, trying to offer an alternative to the processed, plastic-wrapped, hardly recognizable as food choices that today’s families have. Please focus your sites elsewhere…like the creator of American cheese food products that contain things not even remotely close to dairy. Thank you.

To a healthier, happier and longer life.